The Kepler Track is one of the 9 great walks in New Zealand. It is part of the Fiordland system of tracks and developed in 1987 as an alternative to the Milford track.
Robbie Reed outlined his adventures and life in a day as a track warden.
Robbie is stationed during the summer months at the Iris Burn Hut. He ensures the hut and surrounding track is maintained and verifies the trampers have paid their fees. Visitors to the track number up to 11,000 in one season, it is very popular with overseas visitors.
But there is still plenty of time for exploring and observing the flora and fauna. Robbie showed us some beautiful examples of his observations through a show of photos, including fungi, birdlife, bats, trees, lakes and mountains. 
The day starts at 6:30 in the morning, where services to the hut, sewerage and water is monitored and any issues resolved. The last of the trampers have left by mid morning, and the hut is then cleaned and prepared for the next group. Track maintenance then follows, with return back to the hut at 6:30. The day ends at around 10:30.
The privilege of being able to live and work in one of the most amazing places in the world is one that Robbie keenly feels, and one in which most of us felt quite an envy for.