Impromptu Night

The night speakers were running thin, with our planned speaker away doing good deeds at the local aged care facility. So Peter B and Gabrielle volunteered to say a couple of words.
Gabrielle opted for humour in her piece on 'Sanitation in London' in the mid 1800's. All a bit stinky and not well received with all having just completed their meal. Although the engineering-minded Mary, applauded the mention of the incredible feat of engineering in the design of the London sewer. Perhaps showing what people can achieve in teams with a powerful and intelligent leader, in this case Joseph Bazalgette.
Thank goodness Peter saved the night with an explanation of a bio-disaster happening in our own country in the Stewart Island fishery. Peter is a scientist/manager of Sanford, an export fish company. The disaster has wiped away livelihoods and is a threat to the ecosystem of the Stewart Island fishery.
The oyster parasite Bonamia ostreae was found within the oyster farms. In the long term, selective breeding for resilience may solve the problem, but for the short term MPI has required all oysters from the farms to be removed en masse.
Peter predicted farming of oysters will not recover and it is likely no farms will be re-established. At the moment the wild oysters have not been affected and the oysters with the parasite are safe to eat.
Thank you to both speakers.