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5 April 2018

Thursday 12th meeting at book sale 6pm, bring dinner.
Sunday 14th - pack up after book sale at Town Hall.

Sunday 22nd - Giant Pumpkin Competition weigh in. South Otago A&P Society have asked if we would have our chocolate wheel at the competition.
Friday 4th - Saturday 6th Rotary District 9980 Conference 2018 in Dunedin. Register at
Friday 18th - Clutha Cultural Festival at Cross Recreation Centre. We will be running our chocolate wheel.
Book Sale
- Members available to set up to meet Sunday 8 April 9am at Town Hall.
- Spots available on roster 12-14 April so please let Nicki know your availability.
- Linda asked that the associated social media advertising be shared as members are able.
- Raffles: Nicki is collecting funds to complete the grocery hamper, Peter V has kindly volunteered to sort the wood trailer each day.
- Inner Wheel BBQ + coffee cart will be available 10am-2pm Sat 14 April. Thanks to Wayne and Christine E for organising.
- Thanks to Mary for her organisation of the promotional poster displays around the area.
- Wood chopping at Andrew's property shortly with a date to be confirmed after Book Sale completion.
Chocolate Wheel
- Thanks to Wayne and his team for fixing the wheel.
12th April Rotary Meeting
- 6pm bring your own tea get together at Town Hall (Somerville Lounge) with opportunity to browse Book Sale.

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from Peter V.
"The best days of our lives are our school lives."
in April
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Speaker of the Evening

Cath Bloxham South Otago High School Guidance Counsellor/Teacher in Charge of the Peer Support Programme (and an ex RYLA participant!) plus Y13 Peer Support Student Leader Alice Murray were introduced by David as this evening's speakers.

They began by emphasising people as being the most important thing in the world, which forms the key message of the Peer Support Programme where Year 13 students support the incoming Year 9 students transitioning in to the high school setting.

This programme has been in effect since the 1980s at South Otago High School and still thriving today, standing the test of time.

It emphasises prosocial skills such as belonging, positive relationships, being valued and cooperation built on the REP (Respect Excellence Perseverance) key elements where students learn about values and supporting one another. These key elements underpin encouraging a positive school culture alongside student achievement.

5 high school staff assist with implementing the Peer Support Programme which has an annual budget of $500-$1000. These staff are also available as a leadership link to the Year 9 students and Year 13 Peer Support Leaders involved throughout the year for pastoral care and to support student wellbeing with wider social challenges which may arise. 

Student voice is an ongoing element of the Peer Support Programme.

Year 9 students are organised into groups according to their school housegroup at the beginning of the school year.

Approximately 50% of the Year 13 students choose to volunteer as Peer Support Leaders for which they receive a day and a half training focussing on effective communication and leadership skills.

An initial get together is then held at a local venue with the incoming Year 9 students and Year 13 Peer Support Leaders getting to know one another and building relationships - a video presentation of this year's get together was shown to the members present.

Following on from this regular weekly timetabled sessions occur throughout the school year with the Year 13 Peer Support Leaders meeting with their 10-15 Year 9 student member group.

Rotary Clubs including our local one, have previously contributed via a Rotary District Grant Application to this purposeful and worthwhile venture in the form of assisting with costs such as venue payment, staff training and resources.

Tony thanked Cath and Alice for their passion and drive in running and participating in this programme.

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