Rotary Club of Balclutha

31 May 2018

Notices Calendar
Thursday 14th - Quantum World with Eyal Schwartz.
Thursday 5th - Presidents Changeover. Guests welcome.
Dress theme: blue & gold.
Cost: $18 dinner + $5 entertainment.
Sunday 26th - District Membership Seminar in Dunedin.
Monday 3rd - Year 7 & 8 Speech Competition.
Daniel opens the meeting reminding everyone to drive to the conditions and keep safe on the roads over winter!
Daniel presented new member Steve with his Rotary badge and membership pack. Welcome to the club, Steve!
Last week's meeting hosted by the Venturers was a great night and will have earned them around $500 to their fundraising for Venture 2019.
Dr. Eyal Schwartz is returning to Balclutha to speak after our June 14th meeting. This will be opened to the public, share the poster and the Rotary Club of Balclutha Facebook event.
Kevin is home after a successful stay in hospital and is feeling good!
On Saturday 26th May four dormitories were repainted at Tautuku Lodge.
Lovely colourful letters were passed around at the meeting from students at St Joseph's School thanking the club for their dictionaries. Many said they are using it heaps and really like the pictures and definitions and that it helps them with their writing.
Tony thanks the club for firewood on behalf of a lady who was very grateful to have some delivered. Thanks to Tony for organising the delivery.
Any thoughts on the Balclutha Bridge Playground to be discussed, CDC wants to undertake these projects but may not have the funding, so our club could be of service, these projects need convenors.
The flying fox in the playground could be updated by us.
The picnic table area at Nugget Point Road also could be updated.
The credit in the RYLA account is to be used to donate 1 Shelter Box, 2 ERS, the remainder to Rotary Foundation.
Pea straw and firewood is still on the way.
Pea straw contact Fergus & Phil (while Fergus in Canada).
Firewood contact Andrew.
A committee needs to be initiated to begin planning for the District 9980 Conference in 2020, see Tania & Phil.
Lions are having an information evening to establish a club in Balclutha. Good idea to have one similar to call for members for Rotary. Jill offers to provide her film footage from recent projects and events to show to the public.
The District Membership Seminar in Dunedin in August will be an excellent opportunity to discuss attracting new members and we need for members representing the Balclutha club to attend.
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from Phil by Dalai Lama
Christine C - 26 May
David - 4 June
Colin - 7 June
in May
Christine E - 15yrs
Christine C - 3yrs
Upcoming Events
Presidents Changeover
South Otago Town & Country Club
Jul 05, 2018 6:00 PM
District Membership Seminar
Hanover Hall
Aug 26, 2018
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
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Speaker of the Evening

I (Rebecca) presented about my recent trip to Vanuatu where I spent a couple of weeks beach-hopping around the island of Efate and hiking up the two volcanoes on the island of Ambrym. At Mount Marum and Mount Benbow you can stand at the edge of the craters and watch the boiling lava lakes hundred of metres below. The Lost Passport blogger who I met in Vanuatu has a blog post and YouTube video with fantastic footage of Ambrym just a few days before I was there.

I attended two meetings with Port Vila Rotary Club where I met the founder of Vanuatu Little Stars Summer School, a leadership camp for Ni-Vanuatu students similar to RYLA. Students can be sponsored for the camp for NZ$125, please let me know if anyone would like to sponsor a star to this incredible opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

From Vanuatu I stopped in Melbourne to complete a Disaster Victim Identification course and join the annual meeting of the International Society for Forensic Radiology & Imaging (ISFRI).

I explained to the Rotary club the basics of radiology and medical imaging modalities, and how they are used to help solve forensic investigations. I shared new technologies introduced at the ISFRI conference, such as the Lodox scanner and micro-CT, and different techniques and scan reconstructions that can be used to solve uncertainties and can be used as evidence in a court of law.

The logo of the 2018 ISFRI conference used an image of Ned Kelly's helmet, as the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine have identified Ned Kelly's body after decades of uncertainty. Identifying his remains has meant his body could be released to his descendants and finally buried next to his family on consecrated ground, as were his wishes. Click to read more about The Ned Kelly Project on the VIFM website.


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