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23 March 2020

Covoid 19 Level 4 alert 
It is a concerning time for everyone with Jacinda's announcement about COVID 19  Level 3 Alert moving to Level 4 from Weds. until April 25.
As a result all Rotary events are postponed until the end of April at the very least, including Dell and book sorting.
People are in lockdown and there will be no exceptions. Take care of yourselves and those around you.
The 'End Polio' Charity Dinner will be held as soon as Christine E is able to.
Hosting a Exchange Student
Opportunity to host a Rotarian Exchange student from overseas (France and Germany) from January 2021 to January 2022 - Expressions of interest from fellow Rotarians or interested community members, please let President Christine know
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1 - 10 May: Phone books
15 May: Culture Fest - help requested
3 - 6 June: Book sale
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No meetings planned until the COVOID 19 Alert level changes.
All meetings at Town and Country Club, Dinner at 6 pm.

Please give apologies if you are unable to attend a meeting or don't wish to stay for dinner. 

in March
It has been a sad week. We look forward to the sun coming up tomorrow and all being well.
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Bonjour à tous, 

Cela fait presque deux mois que je suis arrive en France, et le temps est passé si vite. 

Hello everyone, 

It has been almost two months since I arrived in France, and time has gone so quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was packing my belongings and making my way to LA. It’s fair to say that so far I have been having amazing experiences, although it hasn’t all been easy.  

On the 12th of January, while driving to the Dunedin airport, I had a lot of emotions. Meeting everyone inside, all wearing our snazzy blazers, bags in hand made everything very real. The fact that I was leaving home for 12 months hadn’t really cemented in my brain, and in all honestly, it still doesn’t seems real, even after two months. Having to say goodbye to everyone at the airport was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Hugging my nana and poppa, mum, step dad and my two best friends, knowing that I won’t see them again was pretty rough. Not going to lie, I had to take a quick detour to the bathroom to cry before boarding. Despite my sadness, the excitement of meeting everyone else in Auckland was much stronger. Its fair to say that the six hours we spent waiting at the airport were agonising, with nothing to do other than sit and wait (And talk, I don’t think a moment went by in that whole six hours where someone wasn’t talking) The flight was, as you can imagine, twelve hours of leg cramps, exhaustion and complete and utter boredom. LAX was by far the biggest airport I have ever been in, which is why I am so lucky to have found my carry on suitcase after I left it in the middle of the terminal. After going through security we met Warren, a member of the Westchester Rotary Club which hosted us for our stay. We were taken back to the hotel, all of us ready for a long shower that we all desperately needed, only to find that our rooms weren’t ready. So with ten girls to a room, we peeled off our gross airplane clothes, drenched ourselves in perfume and deodorant, got changed and went back downstairs for our first adventure, Santa Monica Pier. Now most of you will be thinking, its winter in America, it must have been cold! NO. It was hot! We were driven in car loads by members of the Westchester Rotary Club, who were lovely. We were dropped off and given a couple hours to look around the shops and the pier. The view of the ocean was so amazing, it was such a massive beach, there were hundreds of people, it was crazy. We got this amazing pizza and met up with some other girls, we managed to get onto the Ferris wheel right as the sun was. setting, which was stunning, none of the pictures we took do it justice. I was so exhausted it felt like I could sleep standing up, but I had to push on, because we were visiting a school just down the road from us to eat dinner with some American students. It was a mostly Hispanic population, so it was a really cool opportunity to learn about American school and how its different from New Zealand (Spoiler alert; Its very,  very different!) When we finally got into our rooms that night, and I finally had a shower it felt like the best shower I have ever had in my whole life. I slept fully clothed, phone in hand still sitting up that night. Not even a slap in the face could have woken me. We had an early start the next day because it was Disney Land day! Now, I can’t explain to you how excited I was. My childhood dream finally coming true. It was like heaven. We spent the day on and off roller coasters, laughing and screaming (Mostly me screaming because apparently everyone else isn’t scared of 100 meter high roller coasters?!) My. Favourite roller coaster was the incredibles ride, which I think broke Thomas, because I’ve never heard such a high pitches squeal come from anyone. Again, that night we got back late and I slept like the dead. The next day was universal studios, which although Disney land was awesome, I cannot  emphasise enough how amazing Harry Potter world was. It was like stepping into the books. We visited Hollywood Boulevard that afternoon, which was an experience to say the least. I was a little disappointed because I couldn’t find Shrek’s star, but I got a photo with Marilyn Monroe which made up for it. That night we went to dinner with the Westchester club to present our gifts for them and meet their exchange students. We all raced to the pool that night, and swam outside together for a couple hours. We played cards against humanity together, which revealed some dark horses with very dark humour. LA was such a fun experience and I am so glad we had to opportunity to spend three days together making friends and getting to know each other, and its fair to say that I have made some very close friends from that trip. We flew out the next afternoon so that morning we were able to sleep in and have some downtime before we left. I’m happy to say that I was able to try KFC before we left, and get a little shopping done too. The flight to London was torture. Although it was a shorter flight (in theory, it was still ten hours) it felt like twenty hours, I couldn’t sleep, so when we arrived in London saying goodbye to everyone was very emotional. It’s fair to say that I cry a lot, but even for me, it was impressive how much I cried. We separated and mad out way to out separate terminals. Us five France girls made our way over only to find that baggage drop wasn’t open yet, so we sat, barely awake or alive, waiting. Finally we were able to go though security, and wait some more. After seven hours. Yes, seven whole hours we finally stumbled onto the Plane to Paris, barely able to put a sentence together we sat in silence for the hour flight. Sarah and I are in the same city and we were lucky enough to have one French flight, the others not so lucky. We said out goodbyes, made out way through security and finally met (parts of) our host family. My host dad was there to meet me with a poster that my host siblings Mathilde, Florent and Amelie made for me. I stumbled out to the car and managed to make half an hour of small talk before I succumbed to the exhaustion and slept for the rest of the drive. I was able to meet all of my family apart from my younger host sister who is at boarding school in Paris. We dragged my bags up two flights of stairs to my bedroom, and without getting changed or showering I slept for at least ten hours. My first week was very uninteresting, I spent my time getting to know my family and the city, and sleeping. I didn’t eat much for the first week, but in my second week I felt back to normal and began eating normally again. People warned me about being hungry, but now that I am here I understand what they mean. We are hungry all the time, it’s insane. I eat a full meal and I’m hungry an hour later! For no reason! In my second week I started school, which was terrifying. My school has two thousand students and it’s ginormous, so I am lucky to have found friends as soon as I started otherwise I would have been totally lost. My classes are long and boring, and I usually done understand a word that they’re saying. When I first started school I was still very jet lagged, so staying awake in class was a constant battle. My routine for the first two or three weeks was mostly just eating, going to school and sleeping. I went to a rotary meeting around two weeks in, which was daunting but they were all lovely, and very gracious about my questionable French accent. My host dad and brother took me to Toulouse, in the south of France, with them for a weekend after my third week which was great, I was able to have some time with my new family, and also see some more of France. The next weekend I finally met all of the other exchange students which was a relief, because I was dying to make some more friends and  meet my oldies. The weekend was a lot of fun, and it was such a relief to finally see everyone in person and get to know the people in my district. Its a shame though, because there are five Australians who totally outnumber Sarah and I, and we are constantly being called Australian which is getting a little old at this point. Luckily for me it is the school holidays at the moment, I am in the second week of my holidays, so I have been able to sleep in and spend some time in Lille with other students. In Lille we have visited the Zoo, which is much more exotic than the Wellington Zoo. This weekend I went to Brussels, Belgium with my friend Ethan which was super cool because we were able to visit Art museums, Churches and some famous landmarks. Plus we got some French fries, which are famous for being, well better than French French fries. My French has been improving, but so far I still struggle to put a sentence together or have a conversation with someone. I still have a lot to learn, but I have lots of help from my friends at school and my host family so I am confident that soon I will be a lot better. So, so far I have been having an amazing time and I have met a lot of awesome people and I am looking forward to going on more trips around Europe.     









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