Rotary Club of Balclutha

21 June 2018

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Wednesday 27th - Inner Wheel Changeover Night.
Guests welcome. 6pm at T&C $17 for dinner.
Speaker: Greg Inch from Special Rigs for Special Kids.
RSVP by Monday 25th please to Christine E 027 418 0034 or Rowena Bunting 027 418 1340
Thursday 5th - Presidents Changeover. Guests welcome.
Dress theme: blue & gold.
Cost: $18 dinner + $5 entertainment.
Sunday 26th - District Membership Seminar in Dunedin.
Monday 3rd - Year 7 & 8 Speech Competition.
Nicki reports the flying fox was discussed at council meeting and CDC agree with and appreciate our involvement. They will check the integrity and a Danone working group is to clean it up. This is part one of the project, more information will follow.
Phil refreshed us on the Centurion programme for which members were awarded at the last meeting. The Rotary Foundation box that is passed around at each meeting has an envelope for each member. Donations must be placed in the envelope with your name for it to be recorded. If you contribute over $100 in a tax year (1 April - 31 March) you become a Centurion and receive a receipt which you can claim on your tax return. We have 11 Centurion members in our club.
Phil also reported that Tania and Fergus have now crossed the border into Canada. In Chicago Tania was hosted by Rotarians who took her to Rotary One and for a tour of Rotary HQ and she met Rotary International President Ian Riseley.
Daniel read the email sent out by DG Bruce Cowan from Clare from PolioPlus thanking Rotary members for our donations.
"District 9980 with per average giving of $468.80 was the number 2 for all districts in the world. The top 20 Per Average giving districts will have their contribution noted on stage at the RI Convention in Toronto."
Bruce wrote "the outgoing NZ government made a donation of $5m to the End Polio Now campaign which was divided among the New Zealand Districts (as a consequence all 6 NZ and Pacific Island Districts are in the top 10 in the world). This was further boosted in our District by a generous bequest, but also by the donations and fundraising of all of our Members and Clubs.
There is no doubt that your contributions are making a difference - there has been just one new case of polio reported in the world in the past 12 weeks, and the cases this year are confined to just two countries (Afghanistan has 8 and Pakistan has 2)."
30 present | 4 guests | 5 apologies
from Brian
"A good friend is hard to find and impossible to forget."
David - 4 June
Colin - 7 June
in June
Kevin H - 45yrs
Wayne E - 37yrs
Joan H - 23yrs
Mary J - 7yrs
Les B - 5yrs
Colin W - 5yrs
Rebecca H 1yr
Jill P - 1yr
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District Membership Seminar
Hanover Hall
Aug 26, 2018
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
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Speaker of the Evening
Schalk, the scheduled speaker of the evening, was unable to make this meeting so we were joined by Mark Way who we met last month at the Scout Den with the Venturers.
Mark did a fantastic job of putting together a talk at the last minute about the Big Buddy Programme through which he is a mentor and which is always looking for new people. Mark is very passionate about his involvement with youth and his interest in the buddy programme was piqued at an information evening. There is an extensive interview process and Mark passed around a copy of the contract and code of conduct for us to understand what is involved. The contract is for a 12 month minimum, a mentor must be reliable.
The local co-ordinator is Heidi from Presbyterian Support Otago and Big Buddy training is done through Family Works. There is also a matching process, not just any mentor is matched with any youth.
Mark finds the programme rewarding
knowing that you are getting into something where you can make a different and be safe about it.
Mentoring is about being a role model for stable and good practices in life and relationships. The mentor spends a couple of hours a week doing simple activities such as going to the beach, cooking at home, feeding donkeys. They are not expensive things as introducing money creates a different dynamic. A mentor is not trying to remodel their world or do anything groundbreaking or be a parent. The mentor is someone removed and independent from their home life, and who cares and is a friend for them.
Mark explains that mentoring can be intangible and not quantifiable, it is like drops in a bucket, these small hours spent add up to something bigger. It has its challenges, such as setting boundaries for manners, wants and motivation but Mark has found success with his skills learned as parents and at work with leadership. Mentors receive support from discussion with others in the buddy circle and feedback from Heidi.
Huge thanks to Mark for his enthusiasm and for sharing his experiences with this programme which is really appropriate to the Rotary theme, making a difference.
June is Rotary Fellowships month
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