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12 July 2018

Club subs for the coming year will be distributed to members next week.
Welcome home to Tania, she presented to the club the banners she had swapped with people on her trip to Toronto Rotary Convention. Tania recommends planning a holiday around a Rotary convention, it really makes you realise the "international" in Rotary International.
Directors meeting after club meeting 19th July with the past and new directors.
Members wanting to attend District Membership Seminar give names to Donna so she can inform Karen who will be going from our club.
- Wayne was asked by A&P Society if Rotary wants to be involved with Sound Off. The meeting decided that none of us would organise it so the club declines.
Fertiliser is on its way due to arrive mid September.
Speech Competition is less than two months away. Pauline to advise topics. David organising Toastmasters to speak with us.
- The price for delivering phone books is to be decided and taken to directors.
Donna reports the club Facebook page has over 300 likes.
Donna was approached for interview for Clutha Leader, to enquire whether the interview can go into ODT too.
Peter B has been approached by colleagues about Fountain of Peace, initiated by a woman called Peace from Uganda and run by a NZ woman and trustees in Winton. Directors have decided to contribute a multi club donation to the project assisting orphans in rural Uganda.
25 present | 8 guests | 9 apologies
For Alison AdamsAny objections to the secretary.
from Lynda
"You may be only one person in the world,
but you may also be the world to one person."
The Past Week
Last weekend Kevin took Joan, Nicki and Rebecca on the Clutha 4WD Club trip to Eyre Creek.
Eyre Creek was too flooded to cross.
Joani chose a rock souvenir to take home!
The convoy turned around from flooded Eyre Creek and drove up Nevis Road for BBQ dinner at the historic ski lodge.
Nevis Road is pretty barren for going bush so Queen Joani was pleased to have a throne to reign from on the way!
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District Membership Seminar
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Sep 03, 2018
Jul 19, 2018
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Speaker of the Evening
Michael Goldsmith works with Gabrielle at the council and presented to us about the Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness Project in the Indonesian village of Rawa Indah. The StIRRRED project is a collaboration between GNS Science and a university in Indonesia. The region has similar natural hazards to New Zealand but with a higher population and different culture so the project aims to increase awareness and preparedness of communities and increase capacity of response organisations.
Rawa Indah is a relatively new village so residents know little history of natural disasters, Michael showed drone footage of the long coastline of flat, remote land with villages tucked in the jungle. Tsunami modelling and hazard maps show that the likelihood of a significant tsunami affecting the area is greater than 1/10.
The BPBD is Indonesia's equivalent to our Civil Defence and the government built a vertical evacuation structure in 2015, it is 20m and 4 storeys high with a central stairwell and ramp for disabled residents with a capacity of 2500 people. Rawa Indah is the only village on that coastline with an evacuation tower. It is unsure if the structure would withstand an earthquake, which is likely to occur before any tsunami, so structural engineers from StIRRRD are to verify with geo technical tests. The tower is 1km from the coast and in a top level tsunami the wave would flow through the lower storeys and would reach halfway up the tower. The facilities had been looted of equipment such as the electrics and solar panels and fell into disrepair so there is now security 24/7 to maintain the integrity of the structure.
Michael showed a video of how tsunami are generated, a similar experiment was demonstrated in Indonesia and a pre-intervention survey was completed at the village which concluded that the community is aware but not prepared for the risks of tsunami. The StIRRRD project developed and deployed a community response plan and joined in prayer meetings and performed a simulation school evacuation. The evacuation took 30 minutes with one teacher but in a real disaster they would have an earthquake to deal with first.
The project has seen the vertical evacuation structure used as a community venue for aerobics classes, school art sessions and a movie night and it is being considered for use for markets and weddings to make use of the shelter and get the community to feel comfortable using it and understand the procedures involved in emergencies.
The upcoming visit will be the third and final visit from New Zealand with the intention of handing over the response plan and performing a whole village evacuation simulation with a re-survey of community preparedness and reducing the risks of disasters. The plan needs to be sustainable and transferrable to teams maintaining the community response. Information boards will be assembled and plans considered to ensure resilient infrastructure such as relocating the school closer to the shelter tower.
Michael showed many photos and explained 
Rawa Indah village has basic facilities compared with schools in New Zealand. There is always need for books, school and teaching resources and classrooms to be renovated so any support is much appreciated.
Cliff - 15 July
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