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10 May 2018

Friday 18th - Clutha Culture Feast at Cross Recreation Centre 6-9pm. Please contact Nicki if you are able to assist with door entry, rubbish collection and disposal, set up & clean up. As this is a purely volunteer partnership situation it was been agreed by the members present the chocolate wheel is not appropriate at this event
Saturday 19th - Inner Wheel High Tea for Hospice.
Thursday 24th - 6pm Rotary meeting hosted by the Venturer Scouts at the Scout Den on Glasgow Street.
Saturday 26th - 1pm firewood chopping at Andrew's.
Thursday 5th - Presidents Changeover.
Sunday 26th - District Membership Seminar in Dunedin.
Monday 3rd - Year 7 & 8 Speech Competition.
Welcome from President Daniel extended to our new Rotary member Steve.
Daniel indicated that the club’s AGM will be due shortly.
District 9980 Conference
Daniel, Tania, Phil and Christine C recently attended the conference in Dunedin where around 200 Rotary members were present.
Tania reported that it was well-run, with a focus on the year’s Rotary theme ‘Making a Difference’. There was a high calibre of speakers who presented on aspects of this theme in relation to their own lives – Dr Nicola Atwool, Kevin Biggar, Cam Calkoen, Robbie Francis, Martin Snedden and Dr Lance O’Sullivan.
Phil gave an extensive outline of the pioneering digital health platform Dr O’Sullivan is currently piloting to assist and support communities in addressing health queries and needs in a timely and efficient manner. Phil stated that this type of platform for health provision could bring possible future partnership opportunities for Rotary particularly for those clubs such as ours who are rurally based.
Tania as the upcoming District Governer Elect made an address at the conference.
2019 Conferences
Tania advised that the District 9980 Conference 2019 is to be held in Oamaru from 26-28 April with registrations already open for this event.
There will also be upcoming Rotary ‘Know How’ and PET (President Elect Training) events.
2020 District 9980 Conference
The 2020 Rotary Conference will be hosted by our club in May. Tania has suggested the following:
  • Community focus
  • Home ‘hosting’
  • Friday evening – perhaps a partnership event with the Culture Feast
  • Saturday day – ‘out and about’ with Rotary projects around our district (Milton Rotary has offered to assist with this)
  • Saturday evening – keynote speaker and dinner, Town Hall venue
  • Sunday morning – Rotary focus, Town Hall venue
Members to contact Tania to volunteer for a committee for this event.
Treasurer Donna reported the following funds have been approved by the trustees for dispersement following on from the recent monthly directors meeting:
   $1000.00 Otago Hospice
   $1500.00 Y12/13 South Otago Peer Support Programme
   $500.00 Toy Library
   $1000.00 Youth Community Day for high school students 
The fund for the recent RYLA event run by our club’s RYLA Committee ended in credit – it was decided instead of going back to individual clubs to distribute these funds via Rotary organisation (2 Erqs, a Shelter Box, $1000.00 donation to Rotary Foundation – suggested specifically for the End Polio programme).
Book Sale
Fundraising ‘recipients ideas’ process established:
   1. Receipient ideas to Lynda who is on the Rotary
       directors team,
   2. Rotary members to be given an indication of these
       potential recipients from a director reporting back to
       a usual Rotary meeting,
   3. Lynda to table at directors meetings for further
       clarification to then go on to trustees meetings for
It was further suggested by Tania that upon this being sorted, the PR/media team could contact ODT and Clutha Leader to follow up on the fundraising recipients from the Book Sale event to convey this to our communities.
Don reported that himself and Chris M have been delivering most of these to the Year 4 students in our local school area.
Stuart and Mary are overseeing the presentation of a $1500.00 Rotary donation to South Otago’s Y12/13 Peer Support programme in the coming week.
Pea Straw
Please contact Fergus 027 418 2190 in regards to ordering.
22 present | 2 guests | 12 apologies
Thanks to Christine C for typing the bulletin content this week!
from Pauline by Te Puea Herangi
"If I dream, I dream alone.
If we all dream together, we can succeed."
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Speaker of the Evening

Jill introduced our fellow member Susan Landels who spoke to the meeting about aspects of her life thus far.

Susan was born in Palmerston, the third child of her parents’ four children. She experienced a busy and enjoyable family upbringing with some challenging times in her school enviroments which she indicates gave her ‘strong survival instincts’ from an early age – these included an unexpected school class change and pressure to ‘achieve’ following on from a high achieving sibling.

Susan developed a variety of interests and talents which she has continued to build on in to adulthood. These included being a school correspondent for the ODT, a debater/orator leading to winning a speech competition, music and sport involvement inclduing becoming a regional and area representative in Hockey, in which she is now utilising and supporting skill development and growth with in the South Otago area.

A tragic family time then followed with Susan’s Dad passing away at the age of 47 from a stroke, leaving her Mum a widow with 4 children to continue to parent. This left marked impact on Susan who was 16 at the time.

Remarkably, Susan was able to fulfil the role of Head Girl the following year at East Otago High School.

Following on from high school, she applied for a journalism course to which she received an unexpected rejection, being perceived as a ‘too young’ applicant. Though this was a ‘knock’ for Susan, she applied to and was accepted in to Primary Teaching at Dunedin Teachers College and found she had a natural ‘fit’ for working with children.

Alongside this, she met Roger Landels whom became her firm friend, beau and a continuing ‘emotional rock’ to this day. Also during this time, Susan’s Mum received news of a terminal health diagnosis.

Upon completing Teachers College, Susan undertook her first teaching position at Balclutha Primary School under the guidance of Senior Teacher Barbara Crawford and Principal Murray Moore. Susan spoke of Murray being a positive role model and a great mentor.

Susan then shared the traumatic life event that her and Roger then experienced of nearly being killed in a car crash. This left Susan with severe head injuries and in a coma. A huge personal struggle of a 3 year recovery for Susan then followed to gain momentum and advance particularly with building up her mental health from a depressive state, redeveloping her cognitive skills and confidence. As a result of Susan’s recovery, she was then able to return to teaching work under ACC guidance for 4 days a week.

At this point, Susan then went to Australia travelling and working, with Roger keeping in touch and visiting her in Australia. Highlights of Susan’s time in Australia included teaching for the Kalgoorlie School of the Air to outback children combined with visiting their outback stations plus the unique opportunity and challenge of working for an Aboriginal Mission School.

Just after their engagement, Susan and Roger both returned to the South Otago area to marry and then subsquently moved to the Landels farm following Roger’s Mum passing away.

Further travel to the UK and Japan then followed before having Susan and Roger having their own 3 children, during which time Roger’s Dad and Susan’s Mum passed away leaving the family bereft of extended parental and grandparenting connections.

One outcome of this personal family situation was that Susan actively encouraged Roger to pursue his dream of being involved in aviation, so for a time the family moved to Wanaka before returning to the Landels farm where Roger also utilises his aviation skills in his own business specialising in topdressing.

This return to the local area and a ‘growing up’ family then gave Susan opportunities to pursue other personal vocations and interests including being a Real Estate Agent for Patterson, working as a Skill Development Officer for South Otago Hockey, a Budget Advisor Officer for Clutha Budget Advice, plus utilising her love of language in attaining a Creative Writing Diploma and a Certificate in Media Studies.

A ‘chance’ meeting with fellow Rotary member Tania led Susan to come along to Rotary in September 2016. Susan is pleased to belong to a positive group of like minded people with community interests at heart. She enjoys helping people and projects, being keen to offer her skills in to our club in ways such as in assisting with the Y7/8 speech competition.

Recently Susan and Roger have enjoyed travelling to the USA.

Susan is currently involved with Hockey coaching, the local War Memorial Committee and working as a relief teacher.

Peter V thanked Miss Palmerston 1981, our fellow member Susan, for sharing her very personal stories in such an open manner giving us an insight in to her evident strength of character and very many talents.

May is Youth Service month
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