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19 April 2018

Sunday 22nd - A&P Society Giant Pumpkin weigh in.
Please contact Peter V if you are able to assist with running the chocolate wheel.
Friday 4th - Saturday 6th Rotary District 9980 Conference 2018 in Dunedin. Register at
Friday 18th - Clutha Cultural Festival at Cross Recreation Centre 6-9pm. Please contact Nicki if you are able to assist with chocolate wheel, door entry, rubbish collection and disposal, set up & clean up.
Thursday 5th - Presidents Changeover
Sunday 26th - District Membership Seminar in Dunedin
Book Sale
- President Daniel thanks the conveners Linda, Nicki and Susan, plus Mary for the promotional advertising.
- Daniel noted the assistance of fellow club members in supporting this event and also for those members that were able to provide further additions (including catering, equipment, Inner Wheel, raffles, Unifone, storage, transport).
- $9000.00+ was raised; it is requested that any director be contacted as to community causes that would benefit from funds raised.
- The convenors canvassed members present with a feedback survey to be tabled at the directors meeting.
Changeover night
- For incoming Balclutha Rotary Club President Donna Buxton at Thursday 5 July Rotary meeting.
Culture Feast
- Friday 18 May 6-9pm at Cross Recreation Centre
- Please distribute fliers as you are able
- Please contact Nicki as you are able to assist between 4:00-9:30pm (duties include chocolate wheel, door entry, rubbish collection and disposal, set up, clean up)
- Meet tonight after the usual Rotary Meeting.
- In process of being amended to a more current edition.
- Please contact Donna with any personal details needing to be updated/checked after tonight’s list check.
New Member nomination
- Notification received for 19th and 26th April Rotary bulletins via directors for Don McLean (any objections please contact Directors Secretary Christine E).
- Donna informs the members that there is a new Otago Daily Times reporter for our area whom she has liaised with, receiving a positive response thus far in regards to publication of our Rotary Club news and events such as the Book Sale.
- Joan suggested that we send a ‘Thank You’ card; this was further added to by Donna with the idea to invite him along to an upcoming usual Rotary meeting.
Rotary District Conference
- 4-6 May in Dunedin, further information on Rotary District 9980 website.
- Tania spoke in regards to supporting this event in our district plus the next one in Oamaru to then be followed by our Balclutha Rotary Club hosting.
- Suggested date of Saturday 26 May for wood chopping at Andrew's property.

24 present | 3 guests | 10 apologies

Thanks Christine C for typing the bulletin content while Rebecca is away!

from Donna
"When a man truly loves a woman she becomes his weakness,
when a woman truly loves a man he becomes her strength."
CONGRATULATIONS to Donna and Peter B on their first wedding anniversary this weekend.
Peter V - 18 April
Chris M - 29 April
in April
Noel Y - 54yrs
Don W - 42yrs
Peter B - 10yrs
Chris M - 6yrs
Nick S - 6yrs
Andrew B - 3yrs
District Membership Seminar
Sunday August 26th 2018 9am-3pm
Hanover Hall, Dunedin
Our goal is to have every club's president, president elect and nominee plus the person responsible for club membership and development as a minimum.
We are bringing Mark Huddelstone the author of "Creatures of Habit" (a book about the membership issues facing Rotary clubs) from the Rotary Club of Seaford, in Adelaide. He is very much worth listening to!
Upcoming Events
Rotary District 9980 Conference
May 04, 2018 9:00 AM –
May 06, 2018 5:00 PM
Thursdays at 5:30pm for 6:00pm meal
South Otago Town & Country Club
1 Yarmouth Street
For apologies please phone
Joan Hasler 418 2627 or 0274180626
before 1pm Thursday.
After 1pm call T&C Club 418 1522
Executives & Directors
President Elect
Past President
Apr 26 May 3 May 10
Peter B Stu H Chris M
Nicki D Mary J Gabrielle P
Wayne E Susan L Jill P
Cliff G Fergus M Nick S
Kevin H Lynda M Pauline S
Speaker of the Evening

Dianne Lowry, Clutha District Settlement Support Inc. Chair was introduced as this evening's speaker.

Dianne has further connections to the district living in Balclutha with her partner and is the newly appointed Station Support Officer (SSO) at our local Police Station plus a St John first responder. Our fellow member Christine C is proud to call Dianne one of her sisters.

Dianne began by speaking about the CDSS collaboration and partnership involvement with BioGene and Silver Fern Farms at the recently held Clutha District Welcome for Pacific Residents event.

This event was to welcome the 80 new Samoan families living and working in the district to other local contacts such as Samoan elders, Police, Clutha Health First, St John and educational providers. Feedback indicates this event was well received and is to become annual, particularly with the same quota of of Pacific families looking to be employed in the district in the near future.

Some of the Samoan community are to perform at the upcoming Culture Feast as an intoduction of their group to our area.

More recently, Dianne and a fellow CDSS Committee member plus Mayor Brian Cadogan and his wife Ally attended the Trustpower Community awards held in Queenstown which CDSS had won at the regional level. A presentation which Lee Carmichael assisted with was given from CDSS at this awards night YouTube – Clutha District Settlement Support

From the 25 nominated volunteer groups, Edgecumbe Fire Brigade were the national winners. The attendees saw this as a great opportunity to meet other volunteer groups and see what they do in their communities.

The CDSS organisation was only set up 4 years ago in this area with a small group of local volunteers and is currently feeding in to the Tapanui and West Otago areas with a representative now on the CDSS committee to assist in supporting their significant Nepalese based community.

Dianne spoke from her personal experience as an incoming member to the district emphasising the view of social responsibility to assist people feel happy, welcomed and settled in to our district.

With the increase in newcomers and immigrants who generally move here for employment in agriculture, farming and associated industries, Dianne in her role as the CDSS Chair is looking towards presenting a submission to the Clutha District Council for the employment of a Settlement Coordinator as part of the review of the district’s current Long Term Plan 2018-28.

She then went on to speak about the upcoming Culture Feast in May requesting our Rotary organisation’s volunteer support for this event which up to 500 people attended last year despite the appalling weather conditions. The event will be open to the public from 6-9pm.

Cultural entertainment with further variety will be included this year such as a group coming through from Dunedin to perform. Food tasters for cash sale will be available priced at $2, $5 or $10 catering for the diverse groups with a cultural point of difference settling in Balclutha. Entry with gold coin donation. Please see the Notices section for further details as to how you can support this upcoming event in a volunteer capacity.

Andrew thanked Dianne for informing us about the CDSS organisation’s work in and ways our Rotary Club can work in collaboration and partnership with them.

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Southern New Zealand Rotary District 9980 website
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