The Presidents Changeover

President Tania and Incoming President Daniel changing over.
Tania spoke first, rounding up all the achievements of the year of her presidency with humility and thanking everyone for making it possible.
Kevin Henderson was given special thanks for his contribution of the year, bringing in new projects to Rotary with the firewood cutting and splitting. Christine Eyles was made special mention with her Gary McCormack breakfast, that raised thousands of dollars for Rotary. And of course thanking Phil, as Area Governor, ensuring Tania was supported throughout her year.
Attendance awards included 4 recipients; Kevin 29 years at 99%, Brian 30 years, Phil 4 years and Tania 5 years of continuous service.
During Tania's time there have been 5 new members join Rotary, and she has highlighted the range of work that Rotary does around the world. Tania has contributed much to the club, given improved structure and given impetus for future directions.
Tania handed over to Daniel, and following her lead, Daniel gave us a glimpse of the year ahead.
Daniel is following the lead of Ian Riseley, and seeking an environmental focus for the year. So for the year ahead the following is planned:
  • All members planting a tree each this year.
  • Quality programme with the use of technology.
  • RYLA project - innovation making a positive difference.
  • Increased membership.
  • Use of global grants for new projects.
  • Training and development.
Finally, as Daniel notes, a good meeting is a short meeting - he is committed to the 7:30pm finish. Daniel then rounded up the evening with some insights into his visit to Japan and to the local Rotary club in Tokyo.
Thank you both outgoing and incoming presidents, your contribution is very much appreciated by us all.